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Traditional Massage Brochures
Most people haven't received a doctorates degree in medicine, so why hand them educational products written for the professional rather than the layperson? Our Massage Brochures are easy-to-read and professionally written providing accurate information that can be read in less than 15 minutes by readers of all backgrounds. Colorful photographs depict a professional look at a glance.
  • Shiatsu and Asian Bodywork Therapy Brochure

    Shiatsu and Asian Bodywork Therapy Brochure

    SKU: HP1400-10
    How Shiatsu relieves pain and discomfort, increase self-awareness, promote emotional balance, and addresses common ailments.
  • Sports and Fitness Brochure

    Sports and Fitness Brochure

    SKU: HP400-10
    Explains how therapeutic massage complements all conditioning programs.
  • Your First Massage Brochure

    Your First Massage Brochure

    SKU: HP100-10
    Answers some of the most frequently asked questions about therapeutic massage, making your client's first visit as comfortable as possible.