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Our Billing Policy

Hemingway Massage Products is a Division of JJI Web Solutions INC. All charges will apear on your credit card statment as JJI Web Solutions Inc.

Accepted Methods of Payment

   - Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover)
   - PayPal
   - *Check/Money Order
*First time customers using the Check/Money order method must provide payment before the order is shipped. After that a standard 30 day payment term will apply.

Credit Card Charges:

All charges will apear on your credit card statment as JJI Web Solutions Inc.
When you place your order our system will contact your card for an authorization. This process simply confirms that funds are available and that your card information is valid. Once we process your order the authorization will be completed and the actual charge will take place. There will be times were shipping cost, or other prices will be adjusted after authorization to provide our customers with a lower cost (we will never raise the price after the sale). Due to this lower charge some financial institutions may show the authorization and the charge separately. This doesn’t mean that we charged you twice, simply that your bank sees two separate prices and didn’t process them correctly. In this situation the authorization amount will normally drop off within 24-48 hours depending on your financial institution.

Mailing Address For Check/Money Order:

Hemingway Massage Products
a Division of JJI Web Solutions INC.
1702 Windsor RD #2413
Loves Park, IL, 61132

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